XJ100100 X-ray Baggage Scanner

Basic parameter


High resolution images  

Simple User-friendly operation

Strong image storage capacity

Automatic Self-diagnostic maintenance system

One Key shutdown control 


Tunnel Size : 1000W×1000Hmm

Conveyor Speed: 0.22m/s

Conveyor Max Load: 250 kg

Single inspection dosage: < 1.5μGy

Wire Resolution: 0.101mm metal line

Steel Penetration: 38MM

Image magnification: 32 times zoom

Film Safety: For ISO 1600

X-Ray Generator


Tube Current:0.4~0.7MAadjustable

Anode Voltage: 100~160KVadjustable


Generator cooling/working periods:Sealed oil bath with forced air/100

Working Environment

Storage Temperature: -20oC to 60oC

Operating Temperature0oC to 45oC

Relative Humidity:20 to 95% non-condensing

System Power:220 VAC (±10%) 50±3HZ

Power wastage:1.0 KW (Max)


X-RAY Sensor

L-shaped array detector 24bit

Multi-energy: High/low energy: Switch from high energy to low energy

Color material identification: Organic objects in orange, inorganic objects in blue, mixture in green 

Assist to detect drug and explosive powder

5. Application

Airport, Customs, Railway station, Metro, Police, Court, Embassy, Commercial buildings, Military installations, Ships, Shipping Mall,  Army, Prison, Government agency, Bank, Factory, Hotel, Entertainment environments, Gymnasiums, Exhibition Centers etc. Public security.